Grecian Formula for a Democracy Die Job

grecian formula

Since commenting last week (Counterpunch, Feb 20-22) on transhumanism and labor-capital dynamics in the context of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’s strange, winding Guardian essay, my misgivings about him have only deepened. News reports are surfacing about his sex appeal –Yanis the heartthrob. Mephistopheles works in the subtlest ways.

So, vulnerable narcissist or selfless man of the people? We will learn much in the coming weeks and months. Who’s feeling nervous yet?

He hints at the temptations he faces, declares his determination to rise above them. There’s a confessional tone, suggestions of inner struggle, an evolving mea culpa perhaps?

Orwell couldn’t have known it, but man shares a closer DNA affinity, in many respects, with pigs than with his fellow primates, chimpanzees. Talk about dystopian prescience. God bless the Greek people and the enduring spirit of Constantinople. In many ways, they are the canaries in the world’s mine-shaft

Grecian Formula for a Democracy Die Job

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