MediActing: Two Men and a Maybe Present…

box_final.pngPaul Toth and I will be doing a joint column in Pop Matters roughly twice monthly called MediActing. Paul has an extensive formal background in Media Literacy. I, among other things, hold a certificate in Inbound Marketing and am fascinated by the leveraging of social media for business and professional purposes. There are a lot of Subject Matter Experts languishing out there for lack of an Internet Bully Pulpit. You won’t always be the smartest man or woman in the room. One day you will be a doddering gray hair overtaken by the fearsome onslaught of 21st century knowledge production.

Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil estimates the 21st century will produce 20,000 years of knowledge measured at the 20th century rate of acquisition. Alvin Toffler are you comatose yet? We’re barely 14 years through and my head is crying Uncle! Now’s the time to make Pinterest really jump through hoops for you. You know it wants to. First, you must harness the electrons!

Here’s the lead-in to our first outing…

“How you can use and not be used by the media will be the broad goal of this column. Welcome to our maiden outing. Toth’s expertise in media literacy and Ball’s grasp of the ways in which macroeconomic and geopolitical trends profoundly affect our lives and careers will unite the micro and the macro. By doing so we’ll make this Big Data world small enough for you to find your way. We’ll provide a map drawn from specific examples of how the media impacts your life and work and how you can change both for the better by using media to your advantage. (more here)…

MediActing: Two Men and a Maybe Present…

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