The Retributive Headstone (A Theory)


“A man decorating a gravesite died Monday morning when
a headstone fell on him in Lackawanna County.” –WNEP 16, March 30, 2015

Irony thuds, a dud at grave events.
Then there were none crowds in, bespoiling plot.
Might death stacked double hint at recompense?
Decedent, mourner as a rule ought not

commingle their demise on common ground.
One to the surface, one kept down below.
One courting sorrow, one too stilled to know.
(Unless the universe, upon this mound,
seeks parity?)

One gray pedestrian stone,
now guillotine, of death does make the most.
The quarry trapped, dead weight extracts a groan.
Then nothing. Strident guilt gives up the ghost

atop its victim’s long-departed fate.
Justice gets even <phlat> though, oddly, late.

Copyright 2015, Norman Ball

The Retributive Headstone (A Theory)

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