‘Arterial Osmosis’ at Ithaca Lit

[I have an essay out in Ithaca Lit ‘Arterial Osmosis’]

mang1The Panopticon has seen us through to a manageable set of social gestures. The elevator warbles a meretricious tune. The gas pump sells us Burpee-Pies. (There’s no profit at the nozzle anymore. All margins are in the convenience store.) The police are militarized and surly. The police are surly because they’re militarized. Our cats continue to get stuck in familiar trees. However the cops now crouch behind unmanned tanks. Asynchronous mischief beckons on a road once paved with good intentions. Weed-strewn lots are littered with No Trespass signs and dime-store minicams. Journey without economic terminus is a social ill called homelessness. Nothing is unguarded or hospitable. Soon, Kansas will demand travel papers. What would Kerouac say?

see the rest here

‘Arterial Osmosis’ at Ithaca Lit

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