Transhumanity Debate with Nikola Danaylov

The production standarnikolads are horrible due mostly to me needing to turn off the florescent lights overhead. Speaking of over my head, I believe the moral is never debate an exceptionally bright young guy who eats, drinks and sleeps the debatable content. I believe the formal term in Rhetoric circles is ‘getting your ass kicked’, even as Nick maintained his Socratic forbearance throughout.

I say that with no malice or regret. Nick Danaylov holds his own on a regular basis with some of the keenest minds on the planet. I only felt my positions, shared by many, deserved better. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed an intense exchange from which I learned much and only wish I could have a replay at some of the real tight spots!

I hope you find something here of value. In fact I may pen a brief coda summarizing the conclusion that time and fatigue precluded me from sharing (we were both pretty beat after a 2 1/2 debate) –not to get in a post-debate sucker punch, but to frame what I failed to in the expiring minutes. This issue is so vitally important. It’s worth risking the charge of a late hit.

Transhumanity Debate with Nikola Danaylov

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