Revisiting ‘The Janusian Class’ in Light of the Trump Phenomenon

There is a school of thought that Trump has been sent in by a subset of the elite to dispatch the currently ensconced subset. So, subset vs. subset and an internecine struggle of sorts. I’ve always felt this was close to the reality of things, but for a few crucial nuances.

A few years back I wrote an essay The Janusian Class where I posed the notion (hardly original) of a tripartite class system. I’m wondering if, today, Orwell’s Inner Party (what I called International Capital) is purging the Rent-seeking Elite across the board –cultural and political— because the latter has become hopelessly corrupt as late-stage, sclerotic empires are wont to do and thus time has arrived for a restart, a new empire. 


Empires are transient vehicles administered by a rent-seeking elite, both to be shed by IC at judicious times. (To appreciate this episodic yet premeditated shedding process, think Daniel’s segmented statue which signals an eschatological structure as the earth’s successive empires render a coherent and finally rendered human form. History ends and not shambolically, but with discernible purpose, the anthropos readily reflective of the macros.)

There’s no doubt this purge is systematic and orchestrated. America, I felt was always the final empire to be constructed from strictly national auspices. The next and final one will be transnational. Thus, Trump, who may or may not be fully cognizant of his agency (I don’t think he is, entirely), is dismantling the final empire, ironically enough, under an America-First banner so that an interregnum/plateau can be established for the final dash to full-blown trans-nationalism.

As for the Military Industrial Complex, it is being aggressively expanded in the Trump era (rather at odds with an America-first policy). However its title will ‘transfer-up’ into trans-national hands at empire’s end. There are the obstinate nations yet to be cracked: Iran, Syria, North Korea.

Here’s the original essay from 2015:

By the way, if we know their names, they are part of the Rent-seeking Elite and not International Capital (IC), and I would suggest that includes the unbiquitous surname Rothschild, a family that surely has come to regret the eponymous 1940 movie that forever minted them the mascot for IC. Publicity is pathologically shunned at this level. Youtube is littered with breathless, endlessly repetitive Rothschild conspiracy shtick. Call me skeptical. This trope is far too well-received.

Lyndon LaRouche and Webster Tarpley are very good at tracing the the money power’s lineage back to, successively, the Canaanites, Tyre, Carthage, Phoenicia, Venice and the Dutch-Anglo Empire; the so-called (and self-named) black nobility. 

Nathaniel Rothschild has clearly struggled living up to the fabled family legacy and there is said to be a feud between he and his father, a very un-Rothschild-like development, if you’re one for the storied cloak-and-dagger stuff.

God’s particular disdain for the Canaanites becomes more understandable in the context of the ruin they and their spiritual forebears have visited upon the peoples of the world. (Deuteronomy 20:17 Completely destroy them–the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites–as the LORD your God has commanded you.) The Rothschilds and Rockefellers (two of the elite familial clusters, as Andrei Fursov calls them, are nouveau riche by comparison).

Lacking even two centuries of steady compounding behind them, no family could accrue such world-commanding fortunes in the current crowded and hyper-intermediated and financialized mono-economy we inhabit today. No doubt a lot of dissipation and divided inheritances stalks the family as Niall Ferguson suggested in his recent, rather fawning  (and as I recall, family-commissioned) book on the subject.

I remember being struck by a comment Joel Skousen made a couple of years ago when asked the names of IC’s main families. He said ‘we may not know’. Keep in mind this is a guy who’s made a life-study of precisely this topic (and his Uncle Cleon before him with ‘The Naked Communist’ in 1958!). If the Skousen clan is still fumbling for names, what chance do the rest of us have?

That had always been my thinking as well, so it was encouraging to find an authoritative, confirming voice. After all a veil of secrecy is paramount due to the tiny numbers of this group. I would question whether these people even have passports or SSNs. They are trillionaires (which in a paradoxical way, creates a milieu where wealth ‘hardly matters’ and is wielded more as a matrix of control for downstream parties); they are also a hermetic culture-apart with an entirely antithetical spiritual praxis to our own. Maybe my imagination runs away with me but I don’t think so.

Of course there is the highly publicized merchant class –Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, et al, a highly accomplished subset of the Rent-seeking Elite. These are the beaming faces we routinely encounter on Fortune magazine covers.

However we’re speaking potentially of wealth accumulation and compounding that dates arguably to Babylonian times. These folks have no ego-driven desire to curry favor with the likes of us. Ostentation has been bred out of them. And yet, they reserve their true contempt for the striving Janusian Class, as do we. (Think the Clintons as Strivers #1.) As for we the masses, they have shepherded us for millennia and understand our impulses, perhaps even respect us in an odd way, certainly our formidable numbers. They exercise Brahminic discipline against intermingling. 

Anyway, the Trump/Q Anon revelations are a concerted assault mounted by IC against the prevailing Rent-seeking Elite. So we have an ostensibly ‘populist/nationalist’ movement orchestrated by the highest social strata on Earth. (I settled on the term Rent-seeking Elite years ago after encountering it on the Philosophy of Metrics blog. I believe the blogger over there, JC, also harbors similar views vis a vis Trump’s true mission, but I haven’t been there much since the site sprouted a paywall.)

I coined Janusian Class because it must perform to the wishes of IC while appearing ‘responsive’ to the masses. Thus two-facedness is an institutional facet of this sandwich class. Their cloying and striving makes them inauthentic, eminently discardable, mercenary and detested both by IC and the masses for their discreditable attempts to escape themselves, really to escape us, as well as the laughable conceit that they inhabit the roof of the world. It’s perfectly reasonable to think the vast majority of them are oblivious to the class that sits above them. Think compartmentalization and plausible deniability. 

The final takeaway? That we are not enmeshed in a simple us-versus-them configuration, but rather a two-tiered elite consisting of the bosses and the bosses’ bosses. By all means, know your masters. But know your masters’ foremen as well for there is daylight between the two. 

Only the return of Jesus will wrest earthly control from IC. Nothing on Earth can dislodge them. And why should it? When Satan offers Jesus dominion over all the earth’s kingdoms, the Savior does not challenge the former’s provenance to do so. 

This realm belongs to them until history’s end after which it will no longer. 

Revisiting ‘The Janusian Class’ in Light of the Trump Phenomenon

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