Fostering Trump V.2 Under Extenuating Empire Conditions

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Politics never attains the perfect. There are even times perfection is asked to make such sweeping concessions, even the least-worst option becomes difficult to embrace. In this era of American Empire overstay, who, we must ask, is least palatable to it? The enemy may be the best compass for the light at the end of our tunnel.

Even given his late-stage Neocon accommodations which may yet prove to be head feints born of necessity (read on) not to mention bullet-avoidance, Trump offers degrees of freedom Hillary Clinton would never have contemplated even in her most expeditionary Satanic confabs. 

So quit asking Trump supporters if we ‘love Trump’. You’re only flashing your ‘Housewives of Purposefully Exaggerated Media’ symptoms. Love is no more the question than it is the answer.

curtis derangement

Empire is the independent variable. The shadow of this Immovable Leviathan cannot be skirted. Whereas the transient independent variables, Presidents, have been mostly solicitous pilot fish in the post-WW2 period. Thus a President who appears capable of moving the Empire into self-protective countermeasures is a President not to be taken lightly. The Trump litmus is the extraordinary lengths the Swamp has taken to nullify his agency.

Surely that speaks volumes.

America the Nation must seize upon this crack in the Empire armor since the latter itself regards the threat seriously enough to take determined and evasive measures of its own. The People have to make a feast of cracks. They’re rare and they heal fast. 

There will be ample time to lick our wounds of embarrassment (and worse) should Trump shift decisively and irrevocably to the dark side, or if in fact we decide he was on the dark side all along. Rest assured, future Presidents will revert to Uniparty form such that there will be little need to parse their motives carefully. Just ask Ross Perot. Unbeholden, self-financed and eccentric billionaires only come along once in a generation. 

For the moment, the elaborate and multivariate Deep State effort to Get Trump is dissembling at an astonishing rate. So much so that some perennial rats are contemplating jumping to Ship Trump. This is no slam-dunk panacea. Yet it could be signs that momentous shifts are unavoidable.

Thus Trump v.2 is a postulation born of earnest tea-leaf reading as well as the dead-certainty that no one better is coming along anytime soon. 


“The Russians hacked into John Podesta’s e-mails, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for President. The Russians hacked into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the candidate for the Democratic Party.”–Senator Lindsey Graham, Face The Nation, April 28, 2019

Et tu, Lindsey? But then, how did we manage to kid ourselves even for a minute? No one with an eye on longevity in Washington will ever dethrone the Russian Hack fable as, pull on that thread and the whole Deep State jacket could make a beeline for the floor. 

Can a Leak get a Beltway witness? As was pointed out previously here, the most plausible data directional flow was inside-out, if a data breach occurred at all. But then, you’d need Russians spies camped in DNC bathroom stalls waiting to sneak a USB swipe. Most improbable, even for the hyper-dimensional skills of Time Lord Vladimir Putin.

Crowdstrike as an impartial forensics custodian has about as much credibility as a donkey in an elephant graveyard. Heck, they might be more partisan than the FBI’s Quantico crime-shop. Who needs silly old forensics when political vendettas are so much more fun?

Senator Lindsey ‘Lockheed-Martin’ Graham wasn’t about to let Russia off the hook. They are the enemy-of-requisite-scale that keeps the MIC profits humming. De-demonization is thus a nonstarter even if ruinous brinkmanship must be endured and all populations wagered into the devil’s bargain.

Having NATO pay its own way goes hand-in-glove with dumping the ABM Treaty, thus necessitating Europe’s purchase of billions of dollars of US missile defense technology,  compelling it to flirt forevermore with existential cessation. Such is the perilous cost of satrapism. After all, who but satraps would consent to subsidizing an Anglo-Saxon occupation force whose real and longstanding intent is to obstruct the long-dreaded German pivot east into the Eurasian Century? Nice ransom money, especially if you can secure it from the kidnap victims themselves. 

In a moment of ill-considered candor (at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs), Stratfor founder George Friedman let American audiences in on the now-foundering Great Game years ago. Discerning Europeans are much more acclimated to this casus belli rendition which flies in the face of decades of BBC documentaries held aloft by soaring orchestral soundtracks and crack Shakespearean elocutionists.  


Trump is neither militarist nor geopolitical tactician. He’s a deal-maker who sees the abundant low-hanging fruit of Russian trade opportunities as ostensible no-brainers. Alas, in a world not governed by Pope Francis’ “mysterious evil” and the dialectical necessity of preserving two world-camps for a final and climactic conflagration such comparative advantages would carry the day. The world is run however not by Adam Smith, but by St. Paul’s warring Principalities. 

Julian Assange was apprehended when he was because he’s the guy who can definitively substantiate the DNC Leak (versus Hack) narrative and validate DNC Data Director Seth Rich as the Wikileaks source. Assange has already disavowed Russian state actors as the leak source. The truth is both massive profit-killer and potential career-ender for the Russophobic/Washington Consensus elite. Far too much power, money and legitimacy hinges on sustaining the Hack story-line. 

So if it’s to be a leak and not a hack, a much less ambitious clean-up looms for the Great American Reclamation Project. How certain can we be that the hack narrative has been officially embraced, even within the context of a Barr housecleaning? Barr’s March 24th Summary of the Mueller Report ratifies two key Russian election interference efforts:

“The first [element] involved attempts by a Russian organization, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), to conduct disinformation and social media operations in the United States designed to sow social discord, eventually with the aim of interfering with the election.” 


“The second element involved the Russian government’s efforts to conduct computer hacking operations designed to gather and disseminate information to influence the election. The Special Counsel found that Russian government actors successfully hacked into computers and obtained emails from persons affiliated with the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party organizations, and publicly disseminated those materials through various intermediaries, including WikiLeaks.”

In both instances, Barr reiterates Mueller’s findings that no members of the Trump campaign, “conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.”

However, far from joining in the Trump exoneration, Russia is kept in the brig down below as perfidious Svengali-State.

The new AG was most likely sent in to perform measured and judicious reform. This Swamp reform (what the Conservative Tree House often sardonically refers to as ‘chaff and countermeasure’) will restrict itself to some second-tier scalps for bread-and-circus consumption and in order to placate the Patriot community ravenous for heads (think McCabe, Comey, Strzok).

Barr is the Establishment peace-pipe.

The new AG telegraphed his Trump-favorable disposition in his 19-page June 2018 letter to DAG Rod Rosenstein (shared, it should be added, with both White House and Trump attorneys) where he argued for a narrower (and far more mainstream) read of obstruction as opposed to Andrew Weissmann’s rabidly partisan ‘every tweet, every exasperated utterance’ presumption. (More on Andrew Weissmann’s foundationally dominant role versus Mueller’s essential figurehead capacity here.)

andrew beano

The chronology abundantly shows that the Mueller Special Counsel was never about Trump-Russia collusion. Even now no one knows what the SC was actually re-scoped with investigating. That’s right. Here is page two of the August 2, 2017 three-page Rosenstein-to-Mueller ‘Scope of Investigation and Definition of Authority‘ letter. Redaction X-ray glasses required:

rosenstein-p2.jpgSo, how effectively did the Mueller probe perform on its scope? Dunno. That depends on what exactly they were assigned to do. For more black comedy, here’s Congressman Smith trying to wrangle the same information out of Rosenstein in December 2017 (click here to watch all the bobbing and weaving. Quite hilarious @ 35:30):

special counsel scope

Indeed collusion had been soundly put to bed pre-Mueller by the preceding 10-month long Crossfire Hurricane investigation. It has always been about process crime ensnarement and obstruction-baiting. The purpose of the Mueller investigation was to exist, persist and sub-optimize the Trump Presidency. Mueller was a ship whose cargo (a whole lotta nothin’) was destined never to reach port for the duration of Trump’s tenure or until his administration could be so profoundly disabled that any further push-back was futile. 

Barr (long-time Bush consigliere) has insisted he drafted the June 2018 letter on his own initiative. More plausibly, it was encouraged by the Bush clan as a telegraph to Trump indicating they had ‘just the guy’ standing by to break the Sessions-Mueller obstruction impasse: ‘Dear Mr. President, how would you like to have full range of motion for the first time in your Presidency?’ The bones of a deal start forming.

The chronology works too:

Saturday, Dec 5 – George H. W. Bush State funeral. All the Grand Poobahs are there, mingling, commiserating, horse-trading. 

Monday, Dec 7 – The very next business day, Trump announces Barr as his AG nominee. Asked about the Assange arrest, Trump brushes the questioner off with uncharacteristic perfunctoriness: ‘That’s not my job. Talk to Barr’ (paraphrase). How decidedly un-Trumpian not to weigh in, except he was implicitly delineating the contours of a ‘new deal’ and the firewalls he is now obliged to observe.

Did Pearl Harbor Day inaugurate Trump v.2 Day?

A longtime denizen of the Swamp, Barr cannot possibly assemble the reformist energies hoped of him by the exuberant anti-Hillary crowd. Protecting the Bush dynasty involves protecting the Clinton dynasty –two heads of the same Quigleyan coin. Barr won’t allow the house-cleaning to expose Tier 1 malfeasance. That’s part of the quid pro quo. Thus all the unabashed exuberance about Barr (in the Q-Anonish type camps) is overdone.

The Swamp is a passive-aggressive, self-healing organism that bides its time and expropriates as opportunity allows. Unabashedness is not an endemic swamp feature. Barr’s DNA has been institutionalized. He cannot be Guy Fawkes. This is not even to accuse him of unshakable evil intent. The argument is more on the order of Adolf Eichmann: Barr’s institutional milieu, his administrative instincts, his very social circle, proscribes indiscriminate reformist fires. He cannot burn his own house down. What he can do is remove some of the bone-dry brush. 

In that context, Barr is accomplishing what he was dispatched to do and is taking the heat for it. The collusion dogs have been called off. What’s Trump’s end of the deal? Beyond more restful nights, Trump removes his family from legal peril (Don Jr., Ivanka and Jared have Presidential ambitions. Dynastic aspirations are preserved.) Trump also gets to do those things that set the Swamp upon him with such ferocity: pursuing structural trade reform, shoring up domestic industrial capacity, etc.

Barr will make the SDNY ‘ad hominem’ investigations fade away (an eleventh-hour Hail Mary lobbed by Mueller when nothing collusive was materializing and the risk of Trump terminating Mueller was a distinct possibility.) Commerce Secretary Mnuchin is doing his part running interference on the release of Trump’s tax filings.

Alas, no big quid arrives without an offsetting big quo.

For his part, Trump will also play better empire ball (Venezuela, Iran). Barr will be left to clean up the Security State mess, again, judiciously and with the most surgical patrician care. 

So we get a Pyrrhic victory for the empire (though they will never embrace Trump’s expository candor and allergy to CFR-scripted teleprompters) and a Trump v.2 more in line with the post-WW2 lineage of the empire seat-warmers who preceded him.

As William Carlos Williams once almost said: so much depends upon a red wheel barrow and a fictional hack.  Poor Assange. Buried alive in some psychotropic HMS nightmare. The timing of his apprehension supports the recent Barr machinations.

More grinding gears that helped wear down Trump’s early promise? 

1. An unprecedented 37 Republican congresspeople declined to seek re-election in the 2018 midterms. Sort of like winning a midterm before the midterm. Who or what helped them to the door? 

2. The perpetual-motion Special Counsel was a 2018 fund-raising boon for the Democrats as the delectable prospect of a Russian collusion-driven impeachment was fraudulently touted well beyond its shelf-life. 

There’s little doubt Mueller’s overstay helped tipped the midterms to the more Deep State-friendly House Democrats

Welcome then, to Trump v.2. 

For those who insist the second-stage permutation is a fiction and that there’s one Trump and will only be one Trump, such monochromatic cynicism is belied by the extraordinary lengths the Deep State went to derail this Presidency. Attention must be paid too to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s silent dog:

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

How curious that, despite endless rumors of war, the dogs of war have yet to be unleashed on Trump’s watch. Here we have a 73-year-old President with all of two years public service under his belt attempting to ride one of the most sprawling and malign human constructs ever devised by man: the US Military Industrial Surveillance State, an entity it might be added, that has had Trump himself in its sites since the campaign, if not much earlier.

For now, after a tantalizing glimmer of Trump v.1 empire retrenchment and re-sovereignization, the tortured vehicle of US imperialism has a more agreeable ally in the Oval Office. An irony that would be perfectly delicious if it wasn’t so sad: the incessant and pathologized Never-Trump drumbeat of the Ostensible Left did much to necessitate the Barr Presidential bail-out and the Trump Administration’s ensuing reversion to the Empire Standard Model. 

At the same time, let’s not minimize the current precariousness of the world picture. 

We may be moving towards a variant of Larchmonter445’s 2015 proposition, that is, a ‘Double Helix +1’ Great Powers accommodation. Great minds need not think alike. In that same year, Kissinger’s book Word Order urged a reprise of 70s Triangular Diplomacy:

“Kissinger explained that the opening to China and détente with the Soviet Union were pursued as parallel policies designed to enable the United States to “maintain closer relations with each side than they did with each other.” It was always better for the United States, he wrote in Years of Upheaval, “to be closer to either Moscow or Peking than either was to the other.” “America’s bargaining position,” he reiterated in his book Diplomacy, “would be strongest when America was closer to both communist giants than either was to the other.” In his most recent book World Order, he again noted that the design of triangular diplomacy was to balance “China against the Soviet Union from a position in which America was closer to each Communist giant than they were to each other.”–from ‘Is Kissinger’s Triangular Diplomacy the Answer to Sino-Russian Rapprochement?’, By Francis P. Sempa, The Diplomat, August 02, 2016

The Double Helix renders America’s proximity to Russia and China immutably equidistant. There is no longer an asynchronous advantage to be had. An analogy? The EU was supposed to bind-and-hamper internecine conflict out of existence. But the North-South disparities proved too much and the common currency was undermined by a cross-purposed patchwork of central bank interest rate policies.

The more the US flashes threat-mode, the more daylight that can be expected to vanish from between the two Eurasian behemoths. Paradoxically, deescalation and enhanced collegiality may hold out enhanced opportunity for future triangulation attempts.

The current danger lies seems to lie with a second tier interest, proxy or intermediate entity (e.g. Israel, Iraqi Kataib Hezballah militia, etc.) sensing a dissipating opportunity for a status-quo shift, thus moving preemptively before Great Power detente solidifies and war prospects collapse under an avalanche of peace and goodwill. What a debacle that would be for many of the power centers we’ve been discussing here. 

The Bolton deployments to date are ripe for false-flag exploitation. Current rumors have Trump wanting to shut Bolton down. The Mustache got to Vietnam first and managed to advance-scuttle North Korean talks (and with it, an Orange Man Nobel). Venezuela has been a grievous catalog of errors and miscalculations. So while the Saker has grounds to castigate the “degenerate imbeciles” that surround Trump, might there be a wise fool sitting atop them? 

Trump can boast what JFK cannot: He’s still alive. Might he too be “vexing and exhausting” (an Alastair Crooke term) the Neocons into irrelevancy as hapless misadventure piles atop misadventure? One can hope. One should hope. What’s the alternative? As Ronald Reagan once said, trust but verify (a prescript poor Gorbachev should have taken better to heart). We have forever and a day to resume abject cynicism and despair. 

It’s cost me a lot of friends and family members (stubborn contrarianism sometimes does that), but it bears saying that Trump isn’t done yet and reelection looks more probable than not. He has an instinctual aversion to being led and controlled and is an adept counter-puncher. Plus, the multiple assaults on his family will exact a toll if mentor Roy “Lust for Revenge” Cohn made any impression at all on his former protege, which by all accounts he did. 

What am I saying? Under Hillary, we’d be two years into WW3 which is a wildly optimistic duration for WW3. So we’d be dead. The positive opportunity cost of thirty months of continued breathing is nothing to wheeze at. 

Provided we can get there, there’s always Term Two for a resumption of Trump v.2.

Fostering Trump V.2 Under Extenuating Empire Conditions

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