I Was a Russian Troll-Farm Seed-Boy

moore-troll.pngPity Michael Moore, the sidetracked Trump fanboy. You see, the Russians got to him. Wait til Oprah discovers her comrade-in-arms is little more than a mesmerized Never Trump pretender who has posters of the Orange Man plastered all over his walls. 

The above picture was taken at a November 2016 anti-Trump rally attended by 5-10,000 seemingly irate individuals who were drawn to Manhattan’s Union Square by Facebook page BlackMattersUS, a Russian-linked ‘troll farm’ group established by the much-maligned Internet Research Agency (IRA) and fellow defendant Concord Management. 

Again, this picture is NOT an instance of organic outrage. These people were driven to a frenzy (which included a march on Trump Tower. Yes, trolls can make you march!) by a disembodied and Kremlin-induced sense of social activism, or at least something that felt like social activism. Because the mere fact you’re marching doesn’t mean you’re really there heart-and-soul, silly goose!

Upon learning of the ruse, many were taken to local hospitals for Post-Traumatic Faux-Trump Derangement Syndrome (PTFTDS) detox, a procedure whereby the foreign rage pathogen can be flushed from the body with repeated shots of high-end vodka i.e. Svedka won’t do.

Said one distraught protester: “It was like there were two entities battling for my civic persona. I haven’t felt this way since I was last abducted by aliens. Who am I? Oh yes, I’m an American.”

By the way (IRA) and fellow defendant Concord Management are the same companies you will never hear of again since they were denied their day in court by the Mueller team after having the sheer audacity to hire attorneys, seek discovery and put on a case. Nothing like calling the bluff of an elaborate scam. 

As one commenter, John, puts it on the Powerline Blog article by Scot Johnson ‘Mueller Would Prefer Not To’ (May 6, 2018):

“One hates to be in the position of rooting for the Russians, but the Mueller Switch Project is so distasteful that it is hard not to enjoy the prospect of Mueller having to deal with an actual adversary in court. Meanwhile, this is probably the first time in the history of litigation that a plaintiff (here, prosecutor) has told a court that it may not have obtained good service of process on a defendant that has appeared to defend the case on the merits. Mueller to Court: We didn’t really mean it, Judge! We had no idea they might actually show up!”

Not that Russians deserve the formality of due process. Their defects are prima facie evident. (I’ve spoken of this Nazi revivalism elsewhere in the past.)

As the New York Times never ceases to remind us (that lonely Antislavic vanguard, especially in light of Rachel ‘Rusha-Rusha’ Maddow’s ratings implosion), there’s just no working with Russian nationals as they are precluded from above-board practices at the DNA level.


This sui generis affliction has a proud lineage tracing back to the Antislavic racialist tropes of the Nazis. Of course the Lebensraum mantle has long since transmuted into the Pentagon’s need for an enemy-of-requisite-scale. Though the scapegoat is summoned under different auspices, the zip code remains the same.

There is no such thing as a Russian-based firm merely pursuing private-sector gain. All Russian concerns are lashed by tribal fiat to common cause. The proof of course is that each company has a Red Phone to the Kremlin basement switchboard. 

Thus I reprise this 2016 simulated protest, not simply to poke yet another hole in the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax, (how cunning –not to mention brilliantly counter-intuitive– of the Kremlin to enlist Russian troll farms for the purpose of instigating protests against their own carefully cultivated Trump puppet!)

No, I reprise this because I keep encountering Americans who insist that the debunking of this wholesale hoax is, well, a hoax. 

Nor is this entirely the fault of besieged American IQs.

The Mueller Report itself references The Internet 13 as though the allegations (which never evolved beyond indictment status) were a legal fait accompli, and not some prolonged slur slinking along under cover of jurisprudential gravitas.

On Friday, February 16, 2018 the FBI was heading into a bad weekend, under scathing attack for the poor handing of the Parkland High School shooting. Reacting as any self-protecting bureaucracy would, (Bad) Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stepped to the podium with a fresh Russian Collusion bogeyman.

What was the alternative? Allow tempers to build against the FBI over the weekend? Hardly! The news cycle had to be commandeered from the scene of freshly dead children to something of even more pressing import: a completely fictitious attack on our Republic by the Ruskies!

Misdirection duly noted.

rosenstein parkland.jpg

So how did that trial go anyway? Well it didn’t. Go.

mueller report one

mueller sandwich.png

Artificiality heaped on artificiality.

Russian bots are an update on the ‘Fluoride in the water’ conspiracy of the ’50s. Both phenomena sap our vital spirits, draining us of our quintessentially American sexual fluids. Fluoride was a Communist plot. The fall of the Soviet Union necessitates that the bots simply be of Russian design. Small detail. The geographic emanation point remains the same.

American cognitive autonomy has become so profoundly overrun, it senses an invasion at every turn. Perhaps it exists in a state of perma-invasion.  After one too many dances with Bernaysian Weapons of Mass Manipulation, this highly impressionable populace, long-since stripped of critical faculties, suspects a surreptitious tide circling every ocean outcrop. Should said obstruction peer out from Russian waters, all the better.

Remember, it was a submarine in The Russians are Coming. How Freudian!

Deep down, Americans know they’ve been delivered to a place where they’re willing to believe anything. Thus they react to their collapsed ramparts by believing everything. 

Meanwhile the Military Industrial Complex would like to thank all parties for further demonizing its preeminent food source. 

But we’ve begged the question long enough: Is Michael Moore a Russian troll-derailed pro-Trumper? If only the bots would stand down and allow his ample girth to get a word in edgewise.

Mr. Putin, tear down your Russian bots! Let Michael be more –or less! For the sake of free-minded people everywhere, un-moor Moore!



I Was a Russian Troll-Farm Seed-Boy

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