Norman Ball

Bio: Full-Spectrum Domino is my checkered response to the Empire's Full-Spectrum Dominance. They want us to fall in line. Far-flung dots extend the game and bedevil the Central Sniper. I hope you peruse the MENU, TOP RIGHT. I pop up in Asia Times, Counterpunch, Fair Observer, RINF, Foreign Policy Journal, Pop Matters and lit mags such as Rattle, Berkeley Poetry Review, LIGHT Quarterly, Epicenter, Pennsylvania Review, et al, et al. Since I'm stocking the pond with a lot of stuff previously published and adrift on the Internet for years (posts labelled BLAST from PAST), I'll be highlighting my latest current entry in this box. 2015 promises to be a year of unprecedented financial and geopolitical turmoil. Here’s a swing at the Davos set. They're telegraphing to Eyes Wide Open the likelihood of war. https://fullspectrumdominoes.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/to-davos-dynamic-rooms-and-all-of-that/

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