Sponge Bob Beats the Square Pants off CNN (Oh, and China Trade Too)

This will mean little to the many anti-Trump derangees who by now have become frothed beyond any chance of a sane and orderly retreat, but much of the real-world animus towards Trump is trade-related. Yes, boring. It’s all about the money, mostly. The rest is red-meat diversion.

Trillions of dollars hang in the balance should this massive flow of trade be diverted and recaptured in-country by American worker and factories. Who, you might ask, is leading the pack against this tectonic rebuilding of the American economy? Perhaps the chart below will clarify things:


The real Trump nemesis is Tom Donohue and his greatly feared US Chamber of Commerce, an organization whose spending dwarves, far and away, any other corporate lobbying entity (as my favorite blog these days, The Conservative Treehouse, has done a great job of showing). Donohue is vehemently opposed to anything that substantially alters the status quo. Moreover Donohue’s opposition is cold-bloodedly arithmetic. Dollars not derangement, please.

Trump and his trade team (Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin,  Trade Representatives, Robert Lighthizer and Peter Navarro, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow and others ) are in the thick of it to close the so-called ‘NAFTA loophole’ wherein China circumvents the spirit of the treaty by sending half-finished goods for final assembly in Canada or Mexico. Thus, ostensibly Chinese goods (other nations engage in this practice too) receive the NAFTA label under false pretense. 

See here and here.

Forget red, forget blue. It’s us against them, folks. Period. Peter Schweizer’s new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends describes how politicians off all stripes manipulate public policy to depress certain industry sectors, making them more vulnerable or salable to Chinese interests and the politicians’ own families.

America’s under siege. Trump is at least pushing back. So go easy on the derangement, folks. They torqued you up for a very good reason. Hint: as always, it has very little to do with your own best interests.

china sale.png


In other news, Nickelodeon has recently overtaken CNN in the Total Viewers category. For more on Sponge Bob’s first day in the White House Press Corps, see below. 

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maga sponge 2.png

Sponge Bob Beats the Square Pants off CNN (Oh, and China Trade Too)

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how can

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Essays at Dissident Voice

The People’s War on Billable Hours

sk park

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal maxim meaning that if legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. –Wikipedia


What’s taking so long? The People want the Obama coup plotters in handcuffs. And yesterday, not tomorrow. (I’ve said before we contend with a resistive, spiritual force-field, a malign energy that prepares in earnest for the Man of Lawlessness. This essay takes a more down-to-earth, though complementary approach.)

The paranoid can be excused for suspecting a running-the-clock-down strategy in the hope mid-term elections create a more favorable political climate. The indictment chute can’t be altered much at the ballot box, although sluggish judicial appointments are one way Democrats are seeking to blunt what promises to be a devastating Blue Team setback.

When rendering justice, the perfect can easily become the enemy of the good. Comprehensiveness must be weighed against timeliness. AG Sessions presides over a languid pace that tugs at the fabric of law itself, even if it’s grounded in a legitimate desire to turn over every stone. Many are feeling increasingly justified in their sense of impatience, which is no impatience at all, but rather a facet of justice itself.

The Bible endorses alacrity too. ‘Rupigirl’ at The Conservative Treehouse recently put me in mind of this verse:  

Ecclesiastes 8:11 When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong.


levin point.png

Mark Levin (at 5:15, above): “This is getting way too complicated.”

Indeed it is.

Perhaps we should follow the money. Delay offers its own rewards for some sectors. Has this over-complexification been a boon or a bust for Levin and his colleagues, one wonders? Media coffers are beating their breasts all the way to the bank.

The legal establishment’s magnetic attraction to billable hours (monetized dissembling) may play a major role in keeping our government from the practical disposition of its Constitutional duties.

Notice how the endless complexification instigated by the legal class has managed to put such fundamental questions as ‘can the President be indicted’ beyond the reach of a simple declarative: yes or no. Some ‘of the greatest legal minds of our time’ say yes. Some say no.

Wonderful. Thank you for your assistance.

In the meantime and for all PRACTICAL purposes, someone has to fix the potholes, so to speak. The purpose of the Federal government derives from pragmatic societal needs, not esoteric legal wranglings: providing for the common defense, conducting foreign relations, protecting the individual’s Constitutional rights and establishing federal courts to apply and interpret Federal law. In short, it has things to do, beyond serving as an interminable foil for whatever ails the ABA’s master debaters. 

Just imagine if the hand tied behind Trump’s back was to suddenly be undone? His focus is a wonderment given the endless legal flak he must endure from low-invested attorneys. There are few winners among politicians who invariably get tarred with yet more public cynicism. Frankly, the nadir hasn’t got much more to give. (Congress’ popularity is actually ‘up’ a bit recently, from 9% in Nov 2013 to 18% last month; Gallup.)

It’s the legal class –a guild of common economic interest–whose impervious and merit-baseless meters capitalize on gridlock. This inertia in turn acts as a tax on the government’s efficiency. So, a wealth-transfer mechanism ensues from the hauler of commercial goods to the toll booth operator. The riskless return gets rewarded via ill-gotten tribute.

caecescu solution.png

We are now into year two of a debate that has seriously hampered the effectiveness of a duly elected President, whatever one’s political views might be. Again, for all PRACTICAL purposes, two years is too long. On what Constitutional grounds can this claim be made? None. The people’s hearts of Ecclesiastes just know this to be true.

For the moment, the business of lawyers (which is, at the best of times, everybody else’s business – they are wealth-redistributors, not wealth-originators) is to keep the nation and its People from their business. Our system has deliberated itself into a cul-de-sac. When inertia governs, who but the lawyers are winning?

The People’s War on Billable Hours

Imitation is the Highest Form of Surveillance

(A prior version of this essay appeared here at Dissident Voice.)

imitatio 2.png

imitatio 3

Too much characterization – not enough motive force


Graduated beyond aberrant pockets of human corruption, our judicial system now worships and abets the systemic and totalizing ascent of lawlessness while continuing to pay superficial homage to the Rule of Law. The Five Eyes intelligence alliance (FVEY) conforms to a similar development path, a topic this essay explores further along.

In her book Licensed to Lie, trial and appellate court attorney Sidney Powell laments, “I have lost trust and faith that most of the Fifth Circuit judges will do the tedious work, keep an open mind, put ideology aside, rule based solely on the law, and ferret out the true facts in the most difficult cases if it means ruling against the government.”

The wholesale assault on such God-sanctioned endeavors (as rendering justice on earth) are of supernatural origin. Man cannot accomplish systemic destruction of such scope and magnitude unless he is assisted to it by otherworldly forces adept at vast deceptions.

Secular humanists will stop reading about here. Soldiering on without them…

Lucifer is the ultimate parodist. His projects are conducted always with One Eye trained on the heavens, head cocked, the better to render imitatio Dei. As above, so below.

The transnational surveillance apparatus presently being erected above our heads by the Prince of This World is making an (ultimately) doomed bid for earthly omniscience and panopticon lockdown. We mustn’t let cutting-edge technological advances obscure the ancient coordinates of this effort. The Deep State is the Beast. We encounter its minions in positions of power. They are transient Emanations only. 

God abides free will, knowing that it will, among other things, deliver a torrent of sin. Lucifer, on the other (left) hand, is a control-freak who seeks a consummating lockdown and tyrannically micromanaged conduct.

Since first-order spiritual governance will never be duly acknowledged, the universe’s Prime Movers (Paul’s principalities) must assert themselves into the secular debate –e.g. such terrestrial topics as geopolitics. No one will invite them. (I’m an old-school eccentric who makes it a habit of dragging spooky actions, Biblical verse and poetry into the public discourse. It raises quizzical eyebrows. C’est la vie.)

Indeed the intent of secularism is to sever the modern world from active recourse to this spiritually nourishing reservoir. Heck, the very intent of secularism is to insist on the reality of a modern world at the expense of a spiritual one. When, in both fact and substance, nothing has changed, nor ever changes. Superstition is not dead. It has been purposely excised from ‘erudite conversation’. Modernity is a calculated unmooring. We Christians need to resurrect spiritual dialogue into the wasteland of dead letters. If not us, then who?

We decipher malign human intent and motive from the flitting shadows cast by various bad actors on the wall, a parade of bent politicians and bureaucrats: Clinton, Comey, McCabe, et al. The danger lies in making these characters the objects and termini of our inquiries. Spiritual myopia combined with a media-saturated environment that clings, of necessity, to the men and women in the news, make this an easy thing to do. 

Even the dense and nettlesome Deep State ‘Trump coup’ saga so ably dredged to the surface by the ever-diligent Conservative Treehouse blog stresses, almost by narrative necessity, the shadows on the wall when it’s The Deep State –and the forces behind even it– that so clearly cast the originating emanation.

The bad actors are epiphenomena. Hillary Clinton and her minions initiate nothing. The source commands the shadow. Indeed the first-order distraction can be the dizzying carnival of walking-talking observable moments and colorful rogues. Don’t fixate on them else you might miss the Drum Major with Forked Tail. 

Wag. Tail. Dog. Hillary (subject) hires Steele (object) and his Medicine Bag of Dark Arts. Have we got things turned around? I truly wonder. Politicians are errand-runners answerable to Subjects of malign intent.

Though it is often reported that the politicians are summoning the Deep State to accomplish the formers’ seedy ambitions, this misreads the authorship of what essentially is a play conducted at subterranean levels. In the end malignant atmospheres resist definitive capture. Incarcerating the bad guys yields limited results. All lasting remedies are spiritual. True catharsis occurs off-screen, indeed under the skin.

One imitatio Deo parody relates to usurping God’s law by supplanting it with a human analog more befitting the Man of Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:1–12). The Antichrist will inherit a skein of lies made to resemble laws.

With astonishing candor –though perhaps lacking a palpable sense of irony– Alan Dershowitz lays the skein bare as perhaps only a storied defense attorney can, in this instance, ‘defending’ President Trump’s besieged personal attorney, Michael Cohen.


“Prosecutors create the basis for indictments”


The 10-minute video is worth viewing ‘in the entirety of Dersh’s comments’ (i.e. do hop over the two ABC legal beagles). Key takeaway? The citizenry now exists in a condition of collective, unpotentiated guilt out of which the State can isolate any individual (formally ‘framing’ them in a criminal context) as it suits the former. Of course, Christians already recognize collective guilt as Original Sin. Here again, secular law is simply a late-arriving emulator. Imitatio Dei.


Dershowitz is conceding the frighteningly radical relativism of ‘the laws that protect us’. Until they elect to turn on us. Many will live and die in an unprovoked condition of State-sanctioned innocence. Others will not be so lucky. They will be our saints and martyrs. 

Like a holstered gun that, unholstered, mimics a magic wand, today’s law no sooner points at someone than the target falls to the ground, duly convicted. The State has weaponized itself against us. We are targets, no longer protectees. 

For now, Michael Cohen has become the criminal quarry the System needs in order to pursue its larger Get Trump agenda. Like the rest of us, he is guilty of something. The Powerful simply need to find it –or mint it.

Is Cohen a bad man? Perhaps no worse than the rest of us who commit, on average, three felonies a day. A book of that name has been written by Boston civil rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate. Curiously enough, we learn where Dershowitz might have acquainted with the meaningless of it all: he wrote the book’s foreword.

Here’s Silverglate:

The volume of federal crimes in recent decades has increased well beyond the statute books and into the morass of the Code of Federal Regulations, handing federal prosecutors an additional trove of vague and exceedingly complex and technical prohibitions to stick on their hapless targets. The dangers spelled out in Three Felonies a Day do not apply solely to “white collar criminals,” state and local politicians, and professionals. No social class or profession is safe from this troubling form of social control by the executive branch, and nothing less than the integrity of our constitutional democracy hangs in the balance.

Law is a mode of social control. Guilt is situational. When they want you, they will uncover your guilt. And that will be that. 

beria quote

How does this relate to Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance? FVEY is not a new construction, though it’s been vastly perfected over its seventy-year existence. In the 1950s, Charlie Chaplin earned the foreign-domestic glare of MI5 and the FBI, respectively, for his alleged Communist leanings. Loose coalitions from the originating five (US, UK, NZ, CDN, AUS) now extend into as many as 41 eyes. Edward Snowden has insisted FVEY is more intrusive even than the NSA.

Let’s be honest. The FVEY tag-team covers the waterfront even if it isn’t explicitly legal, allowing each participating nation to run domestic interference for another’s on the latter’s home turf, thereby circumventing domestic spying prohibitions. Soon this seamlessness will cover the globe like a dark canopy. The Beast is totalizing its grasp. 

In the Steele dossier instance, domestic opposition research was laundered via ‘former’ MI5 Steele’s intermediation (is there really any such thing as a former MI5 agent?), then re-introduced, in ‘weaponized’ form, as intercepted intelligence data. Thus we see how practically anything, even whole-cloth fiction, can be ‘intelligence-ized’ when those who run the Deep State apparatus wish it to be. We are all spies. We are all criminals. 

It’s an odd feature of dictatorships that they will insist on ‘legitimate elections’ so that 100% mandates from the People can be paraded before the world. The imprimatur of legitimacy matters even in hellhole Theatres of the Absurd. Perception still matters.

They still want ‘stuff on us’ just as Nineteen-Eighty-Four’s Goldstein must extract Winston’s confession so that the State can behold its restored perfection gazing back from the mirror. Like the elephant terror-stricken at the sight of a mouse, when confronted with the tiniest dissenting gesture, totalitarian systems fear the elephant of internal contradiction brooding within the tiniest beastie. Zero tolerance is totalism’s only valid option. 

Sheldon Wolin (a secular atheist spiritually unconscious to the tiger whose tail he grasped) called this dynamic totalism. We Christians know that Lucifer wants everything because, well, it’s his to have. Offering to transfer title to Jesus, he says, ‘I will give you all their authority and splendor’.

Tellingly, Jesus never questions the Devil’s right of bestowal. Yet the birthright is a proclamation without consummation. Human history is the mysterious eschatological process through which Lucifer establishes suffocating control over his birthright. The architectural archetype of this consolidation process is the pyramid. We know it will get far worse before it gets climactically better because the capstone has not yet been laid. 

The surveillance state is an imitatio Dei of God’s omniscience fallen to earth. Guilt is a universal condition –as above, so below. But then, we know this from the God of Genesis. The Deep State enacts a Babylonian parallel construction. (It’s no secret that, in occult circles, Jerusalem is coveted with a fervor equal to that of the Abrahamic faiths. For reasons shrouded in mystery, both sides are after the ‘navel of the world’, proving it is exactly that.)

Stubbornly persistent innocence is evidence of the Ministry of Justice’s imaginative failings. The System has already planted the crime in a dense thicket of laws. Dig, Lazarus, Dig becomes the mantra. And so they do. 


For more of my prior outings over the years on security, privacy and the advancing Surveillance State, see here:

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Imitation is the Highest Form of Surveillance

Burroughing in on Borrowed Time

(An earlier version of this essay appeared at Dissident Voice.)

William Burroughs is the dystopian best equipped to confront Einstein’s spooky actions at a distance, the origination point for much of what ails us today.

After all, the earthbound has already been well-addressed.

Huxley sussed the drugs. Orwell and Bradbury were good at the jackboots. But is the door even there anymore to be kicked in, or did CIA-Facebook dissolve it in a vat of cyber-stew? Book-burning is so de rigueur especially when Amazon hides the more combustible texts from Kindle. (Now there’s an epiphanous product name.) 

Burroughs was a magician which is to say that, among other key attributes, he traveled the world with one foot in, one foot out, creating feedback loops in time.

Time itself exists ‘somewhere else’ in fully-dimensioned form from whence it is traversed opportunistically by entities, benign and malign, who ensnare us in the illusion of the former’s unswerving arrow, setting us up for a catalog of backward-looking sins: fatalism, dread, ennui, regret.

As for whether the very next second spells life or death feeds a wellspring of fear and implacable angst. From there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to programmatic terror. Certain principalities and entities construct from this fear a vast macabre playground. Their human devotees plot ruinous wars, reserving us for the bleeding, leading roles.

doyle dog

Realpolitik alone lacks sufficient explanatory power. Geopolitics (a synonym for hubris according to Webster Tarpley) confronts a map and insists it sees a rule-based chess board. False-mastery is another fear response.

Paul’s Principalities are the dogs that fill the night with pregnant silence.

Of the myriad dogs nipping at Putin’s heels, which are the alphas, which the betas? Putin is equivocating. Putin is ready to pounce. Putin is balancing the Eurasianists against the Atlanticists. Putin is controlled opposition in a settled game. Putin wrestles Siberian tigers and gargles with the finest vodka. A thousand armchair analysts will insist they know. What to believe?

Why not all of them?

Discussing his recent documentary ‘HyperNormalisation’ (2016), Adam Curtis characterizes for The Guardian the relationship between Putin and his ‘Rasputin’, Vladislav Surkov:

“Surkov, whose previous career was as a director in avant-garde theatre, emerges, like Kissinger, as an arch manipulator of reality. “Surkov will invent dissident groups and fund them,” Curtis says. “He will fuel conspiracy theories, but that’s not new. His particular genius has been to let people know that is what he is doing. So whatever you see in the news: you just don’t know if it is ‘true’ or not. I noticed a headline in the Financial Times recently which said ‘no one understands Russia’s policy in Syria’. I thought: Mr. Surkov. The goal of this manipulation, Curtis suggests, is to spread a state of bewilderment and powerlessness across the globe. A sense that nothing quite makes sense.”

For the record, Putin parted ways with Surkov in 2013. 

Amidst all the Youtube Illuminati bric-a-brac, there’s a real gem that juxtaposes, to very eerie effect, the 911 WTC collapse with the 1985 movie Back to the Future. The conclusion, sort of, is that we’ll always be consigned to costumed-ape status within ‘their’ movie until we seize the narrative prerogative and banish the obelisk. (Yes, they work 2001: A Space Odyssey in at the end too.) Touch the screen. Be the movie.

“Smash the control images, smash the control machine.” –William Burroughs

save the clocktower.png

The distortions in our walkabout lives are happening on multiple fronts. Perhaps Trump’s bombastic candor serves as an everyman salve. It seems everyone in power today has a trick up his sleeve. Maybe they always did and the analog world just hid it better.

The powerful script the narratives that suit them best. On behalf of their keepers, politicians play the hypernormalisation game, so cannily prefigured by Vince McMahon’s WWE via the spandex-kabuki spectacle called kayfabe. Trump volunteered for an early kayfabe beta test (see him beating the tar out of McMahon, below.) Later, our telegenically minted hero showed his gratitude by appointing Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon to be his SBA Administrator. Who said televised pratfalls can’t reap real-life rewards?

trump mcmahon.png

What is really happening in the world (and there is something really happening) almost certainly bears little resemblance to what we plebes think is happening. Information is power. Misdirection magnifies the power of information. The truth is being held in strict abeyance while its guardians, the uber-rich visit island enclaves every few months to receive veritas® transfusions that, one imagines, clear the mind and rid the body of psyop toxins. Truth has been weaponized by the Few. Its spear tips, always pointing away with diversionary malice, are wielded by the likes of CNN and Reuters.

Dissent requires a contextual fulcrum it can no longer adequately situate. Mass media is a syringe that extracts cogent narrative from the plebian epidermis. Confusion is our guide, chaos our milieu. We will never again acquaint on Earth with chaste storylines and rote causalities. HyperNormalisation has normalized. 

Only raw and naked spirit can save us now.

To borrow a Cybernetic Culture Research Unit term, plausible representation has been tactically repealed, the better to keep us off-balance. Yet every evil gesture comports an inverse shadow of divine intent. There’s only so much bullshit one can eat. Deception, by sheer accident, drives us to question our reasoning faculties and geopolitical derivations. Given the unprecedented influx of entities at what feels like the twilight of human history, we are being called to the great final harvesting of souls where reason has no standing:

“In making themselves real, entities (must) also manufacture realities for themselves: realities whose potency often depends upon the stupefaction, subjugation and enslavement of populations, and whose existence is in conflict with other ‘reality programs’. Burroughs’s fiction deliberately renounces the status of plausible representation in order to operate directly upon this plane of magical war.” –Cybernetic culture research unit

See how Uncle Bill is arriving again?

Hobbled to half-measure by secularist protocols, Jordan Peterson nonetheless has said as much about ideas and ideologies. At the height of our obsession with ideas, says Peterson, we do not possess them. They possess us. Peterson tends to hide out in Jungian archetypes, too intellectually self-conscious perhaps to endorse the literalness of the entities that oppress and emancipate us.

Whereas Burroughs cut to the chase.

Because there are ghosts in the machinery of ideas, superstition desperately needs reviving. Baudelaire’s Lucifer destroyed it in The Generous Gambler running cover for Abraxas and Shiva, the patron-demons of science and nihilism, respectively. Secularism is—to sound rather old-fashioned—demonic.

Malign entities delight in trafficking unresolvable paradox, the oxygen of cognitive dissonance. For all we know, media’s most determined adversaries could share after-hours snuggles. If Veteran Today‘s Gordon Duff can be believed (and that’s often a stretch, even by kayfabe standards), murals are stranger than fiction.


“God, what a day I’ve had.”

Burroughs gestured towards the emanation point with a silent gun. Message received. Belatedly. The Towers were being kept in jealous reserve like storied gunpowder for a more propitious time. Uncle Bill had to know this, but just didn’t want to say. We call him Uncle because he exuded a protective sensibility.


Tear away the kayfabe fabric and you risk the wrath of millions of ‘dispelled’ wrestling fans. Is uncovering the rich man’s truth really worth the herd’s dull wrath?

As long as Trump’s winning, he’ll take it. But that shouldn’t be enough for us. The meek shall inherit the fullness of time where all truths converge in the light. That time is coming back.





Burroughing in on Borrowed Time

Smoking Gun Anyone? Obama Knew

obama knew.png

“You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – there was an intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the Presidency of the United States.” —The Conservative Treehouse

“What’s happening here is a coup d’état” –Former US Attorney Joe Digenova, –Feb 15, 2017


The dwindling optimists in our midst insist that we remain today as we (mostly) always have –one nation, manageably divisible along partisan lines, but with the center continuing to hold. 

Growing numbers of Americans cling however to a darker view; namely that, in a very real cognitive sense, we have split into two nations, each jostling within the confines of unitary institutions, symbols and geography, to advance its respective nation as the preeminent template for today’s America.

A two-barrel media stream only serves to sharpen this divide. 

One thing’s for certain. Whatever common ground remains will be sorely tested in the weeks and months ahead as the extent of the Coup Plot against President Trump reaches a wider audience.

Yes that’s right. Coup. Let that word sink in for a few seconds. 

The next logical question becomes, how high within our government did this plot to subvert the ballot box and thwart the orderly transition of power extend? How about to its highest reaches?

Beyond merely a broad swathe of his administration actively participating in this grossly unconstitutional effort, it will be shown that President Obama himself served as a key architect and cheerleader. 

But perhaps some are not even familiar with this CNN-verboten  coup narrative, or have written it off as just another right-wing fantasy. That’s okay. Indications are no one will be able to avoid it soon enough.

When the extent of the Deep State-Democratic Party collaborative and unconstitutional attempts to railroad first, Trump’s candidacy, then his transition period, then his active Presidency becomes evident, the blissfully unaware will either slip into cognitive dissonant beta-wave psycho-perturbations or they’ll ask aloud as Alan Dershowitz has been doing repeatedly (and rather bravely) of late, wherefore went thou ACLU? 

There is the hope that, as the coup narrative departs the bully pulpit of Sean Hannity and moves increasingly into the judicial sphere, dispassion will seize the mic, causing folks to don unisex Jeffersonian wigs and ponder the Constitutional ramifications of a Panopticon barely averted.

But that doesn’t sound like today’s America, does it?

One key ‘judicial’ milestone will be the release of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report, eagerly expected later this month, but rumored to be delayed yet again given the emergence of new information. (The Andrew McCabe Misconduct Report, released last month, was a separate and discrete effort.) 

The truth is, the Donkey’s been complicit in Russian collusion to a degree that would stagger Goebbel’s misdirectional finesse.

goebbels on ww1

Here is the preamble from a February 7, 2018 Senate Report (available in its entirety here) that accompanied release of the infamous FBI agents-slash-‘lovebirds’ (though really not) Peter Strzok and Lisa Page messages:

“U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released a majority staff report Wednesday titled “The Clinton Email Scandal And The FBI’s Investigation Of It,” along with text messages between two agents that shed light on the investigation. The report details the congressional investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s involvement with their investigation of Secretary Clinton’s private server.”

The PDF of the actual messages is obtainable here. The Sept. 2, 2016 text exchange (Page 356 of the document) is pictured here and/or in the chart above. 

If the implications of the message texts are correct, President Obama was being kept actively appraised on a real-time basis by FBI Director James Comey on the status of the counterintelligence operation underway against Candidate Donald Trump. 

Some will recall Comey hemming and hawing as to the reason he delayed by eight months (!) disclosing to Congress the very existence of this COINTEL operation as Congressional Gang of Eight oversight procedures require of him. After all, it was only the opposing party’s Presidential nominee. The sublime turn of every hem and haw was captured on videotape here at (7:38). 

You be the judge, America.

Frankly, Mike Rogers’ ‘extended grimace’ speaks volumes. Have you ever seen an Admiral who looks like he wants to crawl under an aircraft carrier? No? Well here’s your chance.

Adm. Rogers retired earlier this month from his position as Director of the NSA. Many remain unaware of his service to the nation in this particular context i.e. that he may have spared us from a fascist, election-suspending hellhole.

Then again, some are funny about their fascist hellholes, often ascribing qualitative, partisan-driven standards to the hellishness therein. That a Hil-hole should somehow trump a Don-hole is a partisan mirage attributable to overweening affinities that routinely fog the discernment vectors of the cerebellum. Red or blue, a jackboot to the neck hurts.

obama hamburger.png

Another cognitive palliative? Though it strains calcified partisan lines, two malfeasant themes can be true at once.

For example, others close to Trump (Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner) may yet swing. POTUS however will mostly exit the Russian Collusion fiction unscathed. And frankly why shouldn’t he? The Steele Dossier is looking more and more like a diversionary billfold meant to divert from FBI moles in the Trump campaign organization. (See Stephan Halper here for prospective Mole #1.)

baker flashback

Senator Howard Baker’s iconic question has become the gold standard for probing governmental abuse and inevitable cover-up. Chronology matters. Who conceived and committed the crimes and who simply cleaned things up after-the-fact? The Strzok-Page messages provide compelling evidence that Obama knew everything –and from the inception too.

At the very least, the onus now lies with the former President to deny his role as an active coup architect and plotter. One would imagine President Obama is eager to clear his good name. A curious nation awaits his steadying hand. 

famous coups.png

Smoking Gun Anyone? Obama Knew