How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Beto?

beto mom

From the Reagan pick-up truck retread to the contrived, insulting & wholly exhausted Wifely Gaze videos, I always felt this guy was gesticulating towards an Unconventional Campaign, while keeping all the hackneyed, conventional approaches intact.

Boldly safe. Safely bold.

Excessive body language: See me trying so hard to connect on a poisonal level with you. I’m achingly authentic while I’m patting you on the head.

Is the wife his equal sentient partner or some sycophantic denizen of Stepford? There are times her Admiringness is so manically gilded that I predict a restraining order in this couple’s future. Please tell me her totalitarian awe is a conscious act.

What could she possibly see in real life that his 0% polling does not? Love is blind. Love needs a focus group.

I remember people up here just gushing over this dude. Come on. Fess up. Clearly you’ve abandoned him. Verily, what goes through your heads? Anything at all? Do you ever ask yourselves the Day After?

I’m waiting for O’Rourke to do an al Qaeda-style beheading video of his mother out in the Chihuahuan Desert. Somehow I don’t think he’ll disappoint.

She deserves it for having given birth to such a hapless white guy as the Beto. Until he hoists her head skyward he’s not even on my short list. Beto needs to do more unquenchable self-loathing. I also want his mom to gurgle out her final protestations in Spanish.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Beto?

The Mueller Report: A Scam Wrapped in a Diversion Locked within a Deep-State Black Box



Tonight on Hannity, with the focus squarely on what to ask Bob Mueller in the Congressional hearings tomorrow, Trey Gowdy suggested, “Mueller needs to be asked what he didn’t look into.”

Well he didn’t look into the birds and he didn’t look into the bees. Or maybe he did. Hard to say. How about we start from what he was ASKED by Rosenstein to look into?


The August 2, 2017 2-page & October 20, 2017 scope change memos from Rosenstein to Mueller are STILL heavily redacted! How can Mueller’s mission be appraised without comprehensive access to the formal scope of his investigation? It’s astonishing, but more than three months after the release of the final report, we’re still no closer to knowing what Mueller was actually asked to do. Makes you wonder if he knew what he was doing too. 

Without a course syllabus, all report cards are meaningless. 

Here’s a potential line of questioning:

Congressman: How did you do on it?

Mueller: How did I do on what?

C: Whatever you were supposed to do.

M: I guess I did okay. Why are you asking?

C: Because I’d like to know.

M: I’d love to tell you except it’s classified.

C: Thank you for your service to the nation. 

M: No sweat. Any time.

I know you’re confused America. Perhaps a little brush-up on key documents prior to watching will help you follow the show?

Here below is page 2 of the 3-page August 2, 2017 ‘Scope of Investigation and Definition of Authority’ memo from Rosenstein to Mueller.

You see, once they’d managed to open the Special Counsel investigation on the ‘basis’ of already-debunked (by Crossfire Hurricane) Russian collusion, they needed a document that would create a permanent, full-stop expeditionary abyss. This gaping black hole –signifying nothing, but tasked with looking at everything– served nicely.

The other scope change pages of the two documents are similarly obliterated with inky blackness.


Enjoy tomorrow’s baseball.

The Mueller Report: A Scam Wrapped in a Diversion Locked within a Deep-State Black Box

If German Bond Yields Could Talk, What Would They Say?


german yield

If Germany’s negative yields (all the way out to 30 years!) could talk, what would they say?

“If you insist on giving me your money, I’m gonna charge you for the privilege. Can’t you rent a storage bin?”

“Europe is a dead duck. What the hell do you want me to do with this?”

“Wouldn’t you be better charging into US equities? It’s a much thinner market and you’ll get a better Ponzi bump for your buck, er euro.”

“We’re stuffed to the gills with 80-year-old pensioners and newly-arrived Islamic jihadists. Growth is not even a pipe dream. What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“What do I look like? A gigantic mattress? Shove it under your own bed asshole.”

“We’re the land of Deutsche Bank. What rock have you been living under?”

“We’re pioneering the follow-on to QE, the Quantitative Abyss (QA). Come join us. The water’s tepid.”

“Euro is a synonym for toast.”

If German Bond Yields Could Talk, What Would They Say?

The Butowsky Bombshell

pg 12.png

So what were you doing on July 15, America? Oh that’s right, being dragged across the coals of yet another bruising and divisive race-war rehearsal.

Had you only managed to look the other way (but then that would have defeated the purpose of the bloodying diversionary rhetoric), a bombshell of its own was being filed in The United States District Court Eastern District of Texas by Mr. Ed Butowsky whose relevance to the Seth Rich murder is summarized here:

This is not fevered conspiracy theory. This is a court document, filed under the auspices of an attorney under penalty of perjury. So on the veracity scale it moves things up considerably. If you’re looking for tin-foil hat stuff, go talk to the nutty few who still cling to the Trump Russia Collusion narrative.

Page 12 appears, above. However the whole thing is worth a read. Salient points:

1. Seth Rich was the DNC leaker.

2. There was no ‘Russian hack’.

3. Rich has a brother, Aaron who participated in the leak. Suddenly the strange ambivalence of the Rich family –helping to circle the wagons around the DNC, sue Fox, etc. makes more sense. They were protecting their surviving son.

In fact the father tells Butowsky: “he was reluctant to go public with Seth’s and Aaron’s role in leaking the emails because “we don’t want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.” Wow. Who said blood was thicker than DNC membership dues? Does anyone else smell coercion? 

4. DC Mayor Bowzer, Andrew McCabe and Donna Brazille are up to their elbows in a cover-up.

5. It becomes more than plausible that Rich was the victim of a politically inspired assassination.

6. Rich’s electronic devices were opened by the FBI. Whatever was discovered definitively linked Rich to the Wikileaks leaks. McCabe put the contents beyond FOIA release, however that’s done.

7. Rich was murdered July 10, 2016. Assange began releasing the leaked documents 12 days later, on July 22.

Forget about the ‘mere’ hack fiction with Russia as convenient dupe. Consider a potential assassination lying at the heart of it. Now, if you were the leader of the party involved in this almost bottomless criminality, wouldn’t you run to the well of the House and start flailing all over the place about racism in high places in hopes of sparking a diversionary race war, to such a degree that Steny Hoyer, your own Majority Leader is compelled to part ways with all the Drama Queening? I mean, your personal power is worth it, isn’t it?

Read it yourself in the links above. Be your own conspiracy theorist.

Excerpts from Washington Post and New York Times articles covering this would be appreciated. I no longer subscribe. One of the reasons I no longer subscribe? There are zero links to this filed complaint, at least on a Google search.


The Butowsky Bombshell

Exhibiting a Profound Lack of Trust in the Future of Delivery Itself

gold basis.png

“Backwardation is a phenomenon seen in the futures market, which futures traders need to monitor. A forward curve is said to be in backwardation when futures are traded at a discount in comparison with spot. Gold backwardation means that traders could potentially gain capital (versus simply buying gold right away) when holding gold futures until the contract expires.”–from Sunshine Profits here

There’s this curious sentence from Professor Antal E. Fkete’s essay ‘Waiting for Godot’:

“Members of our alumnus contributed important new results to monetary science, for example, proving the important theorem that permanent gold backwardation inevitably brings about hyperinflation in its wake.”

Hyperinflation. The wealth-shattering Godot. But is it a forever-withheld specter or will it one day truly arrive?

The present crisis in valuation, across all markets, reflects a more existential crisis in values, perhaps a looming repeal of traditional values altogether. A profoundly confused society cannot be relied upon to offer deducible exchange metrics on a ticker tape. 

There’s a logical hiccup in the Professor’s statement. What if “permanent gold backwardation” is as he suggests, permanent? How do you get hyperinflation out of a permanent condition that exhibits no hyperinflation? Permanence leaves no trailing ‘wake’ because, well, it’s permanent.
What if history is not permanently cyclical but ultimately eschatological? Price discovery has already been excised from the system, which is to say authentic human interaction and exchange is being driven from our cognitive palette. Going forward, Big Brother will be handling valuation. Any questions?
Autonomous exchange is too dependent on personal discernment. In many place already, it is illegal to collect water or plant seeds. The goal appears to be complete beholdenness and unblemished alienation to a top-down system of allocation. The Central Committee eschews price-auction value derivations. There is no role for them in such peer-to-peer interfaces.
I believe we’re moving to a Panopticon control grid with value-neutral fiat coupons for coffee, cigarettes, milk and bread. Access to these staples will be driven by social credit score i.e. ‘good behavior’, something being beta-tested by China and Google. The central crisis of capitalism, overproduction, will have resolved itself with productive human labor relinquishing its leverage to uncomplaining robots.
Once the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) obtains North Korea and Iran, something that appears imminent one way or another, there will be no further social promontory from which to launch meaningful and sustained dissent.
The so-called ‘pariah states’, for all their flaws, are portals to alternate forms of human organization. It begs the question: pariahs from what? And how much of their anomalous behavior is caused and exacerbated by the critical mass pressing on their exceptioned status? In true Orwellian fashion, we cannot be fully free until our freedom is universally embraced.

Totalitarianism cannot abide dissent. It mars the system’s own belief in itself. In 1984, Winston must ratify the system’s omnipotence. He cannot simply be killed. He must believe.

Years ago on his blog, Jim Rickards described a dystopic future where the authorities bury gold in an underground vault. My last gold entry, also in the 2014 time-frame, got a little esoteric in a similar vein. Rickards may have been early with his 2020 confiscation date. But the point remains:
“All of the gold in the world was confiscated in 2020 and placed in a nuclear bomb-proof vault dug into the Swiss Alps…the purpose of the Swiss vault was not to have gold backing for currencies, but rather to remove gold from the financial system entirely so it could never be used as money again. Thus, gold trading ceased because its production, use and possession were banned. By these means, the G-20 and the World Central Bank control the only forms of money.”–Jim Rickards
Backwardation could be signalling gold’s inevitable departure from the human equation altogether.
Exhibiting a Profound Lack of Trust in the Future of Delivery Itself

Liberty Magazine 2005 ‘One Nation, Under Whose God?’

Wow, closing in on 15 years ago. But frankly, what’s changed?

Liberty Magazine 2005 ‘One Nation, Under Whose God?’