‘How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?’ up on Counterpunch

how can My essay book ‘How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?’ is up on the Counterpunch  website.

Here’s a link directly to Amazon.

“Is ‘power’ a ‘comfort’ for any sensible person? At a lively intersection of art and politics, Ball plays provocatively…offering us an entertaining, mind-expanding read.” –Derek Leebaert, author, Magic and Mayhem, et. al.

“Funny, tragic, brilliant essays on the present chaos — cultural, economic, philosophical, and personal. Some of the most thoughtful writing around on `what happened’ — and why.” –Gary Morris, Editor, Bright Lights Film Journal

” Ball relentlessly tells it like he sees it. The congregation better have their thinking caps on.” –Tom Dooley, Editor, Eclectica

“Often very funny, always incisive with insights that deflate the hot air of contemporary society and its inept leaders, Ball both entertains and alarms…exposing the semantic fabrications that prop up our political and economic policies.” –Walter Cummins, Editor Emeritus, The Literary Review

“Take one step beyond reality and you’ve wandered happily into Ball’s delightfully erudite world.” –Hampden H. Smith III, Professor Emeritus, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, Washington & Lee University

“Ball…mobilizes enormous and uncountable numbers of ideas, about virtually every aspect of our culture…If you want to be enlivened, rather than lulled to sleep, you should read Norman Ball. –Stephen Cox, editor, Liberty magazine

“An alchemist of language, Ball’s gumbo of puns, allusions and insider info brings the hysterical out of the historical…His approach to the essay is all hybrid vigor— the blood of the poet swirling in a journalist… with the chutzpah to speak satire to power.” –Kirpal Gordon, author, Ghost & Ganga

‘How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?’ up on Counterpunch