Kill the Lights (an original song)

kill lights

Kill The Lights

As I sing you these words
there’s a spy at my shoulder
and with each rising chorus
I feel her get older.

Near the backstage door
as the verses come through.
It’s a hard way to learn
that your love just won’t do.

The crafty old stage shoots off
bright shiny patterns.
At times it can fool you
to thinking it matters.

She got caught in the swirl
of the tiger’s quick thrill.
But the lights caught her dreaming
and moved in for the kill.

From the carnival fence
it looks all fine and dandy.
But the cotton’s been stripped
from the heart of the candy.

In fact there’s no heart
to be found here at all.
Just the feeling of standing here
thirty feet tall.

Her dreams always promised
a seat built for two.
But the tents get rolled up
every morning by noon.

The pillows got lost
a town back or two.
There’s no rest for the wicked
’cause a bus-seat must do.

There are times when I yearn
for the still of the past,
when the ground had a hardness
when feelings would last.

So when you go weep
to your friendly old bed,
don’t curse an ole gypsy
count your blessings instead.

From the carnival fence
it looks all fine and dandy.
But the cotton’s been stripped
from the heart of the candy.

In fact there’s no heart
to be found here at all.
Just the feeling of standing here
thirty feet tall.


Copyright 2005, Norman Ball

Kill the Lights (an original song)

Repeating History with a Relentless Sense of Industry

As the John Belushi character in Animal House muttered upon his expulsion from Faber College, ‘seven years of college down the drain.’

Clearly Mankind doesn’t excel at History. It’s time we looked into alternate coursework.


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Repeating History with a Relentless Sense of Industry

Corsi Warns: Curse the Beasts, Bless the Children

Dr. Jerome Corsi conveys QAnon’s warning about the depths of evil and depravity we may soon become privy to as the aborted globalist coup unravels further. My introduction to comparable depths came during the UK’s Jimmy Savile revelations upon the latter’s death in 2011.

Suffice to say there are elements of that story I dearly wish I could unread.

My interest in following that story was peaked by my late father’s seventeen-year career at the BBC prior to our family emigrating to the States. A young Scottish engineer of working-middle class roots, he often spoke of the ‘Old School Tie’ glass ceiling.

Without offering specifics he would also allude to a general air of seediness at the BBC and his overall sense of relief at reaching the greener pasture of America, swept up in the mid-60’s brain drain. I can only wonder what he would have made of the whole Savile affair. His underutilized talents would go on to prove themselves handily in the States with the winning of two Emmy awards for engineering. RIP Dad.

Anyway, I plan to heed Dr. Corsi’s warnings as many others should too. This is not a horror movie, though I feel some tend to approach it in that vein. As always, God bless the children. May those who cause children harm, in any context, at any time, roast in hell.

Corsi warns

Corsi Warns: Curse the Beasts, Bless the Children

On Those Tired Old Shibboleths: God, Country & the Herd’s Delight

ban ki1.png

A guy decides to run for President of the local Lion’s Club chapter. He has an undisclosed agreement with the Elk’s Lodge down the road that, if elected, he will collapse the Lion’s Club into the Elks. The local Lions members believe they are voting for someone who shares their traditional values. In fact the candidate’s agenda is a covert betrayal of all that Lions stand for. His motives are opportunistic at best. Truth be told, he finds lions a rather deplorable lot. Elks are the true Kings of the Jungle!

That guy was Hillary.

Her bid for ‘national office’ was a Potemkin Village strategy behind which the real objective was to install her most favored nation, globalism. Dogged to the end by questions of candor and authenticity, Hillary never failed to activate legitimate primate alarm. We could always feel her looking past us. Consequently, she never earned our trust.

There’s the story of Bill Clinton trying to warn Hillary in the waning days of her campaign that, based on his own internal polling, she was losing the Heartland. Apparently she dismissed the old reprobate (and sole political genius in the family) with something like ‘we have algorithms for that stuff now’. The herd can smell an algorithm a mile away. Sensing the slaughterhouse, it bolts for the paddock gate.


The Presidency (as the executive apogee of national sovereignty) was never the endgame for Clinton. Paradoxically, occupying the office would have afforded her an adequate bully pulpit from which to effectively dismantle it. Hard to imagine a President with a programmatic theme of self-erasure. But we’re discussing an elk in lion’s clothing.

Sovereignty embarrasses globalists, or at least they pretend to be embarrassed by it (on the way to consolidating it within a borderless rubric).

I return often to this late 2015 interview of Peter Sutherland, the U.N. Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration. The final question coaxes from Sutherland an astonishingly frank response (my italics):

UN News Centre: What is your message to governments?

Peter Sutherland:  I will ask the governments to cooperate, to recognize that sovereignty is an illusion – that sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us. The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world. And that means taking on some of the old shibboleths, taking on some of the old historic memories and images of our own country and recognizing that we’re part of humankind. 

Kumbaya on the humankind bit I guess. But borders are a fear-based mode of evasion? Nations are the last refuge of cowards? These pejorative characterizations will never sit well with the God and Country crowd.

Clearly the Democratic Party/Globalist coalition was so cocksure of a Clinton victory that they had taken to wearing their agenda stridently on their sleeves. Sutherland really gives up the farm here in a sneering Bilderbergian sort of way.

How sure were they of a Clinton victory?

So sure in fact that it was Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta who put the Russian collusion ball in play, knowing that, were it to tip the other way (hubris argued it couldn’t), Ole Uranium Hil had far more to lose than Trump.

Close Clinton bud Lady Rothschild saw the calamitous recoil building as early as February 2017 (predicting, let us hope astutely, the demise of the Clinton family crest) when she tweeted out a rather indecorous handle, loser, to describe Podesta. As Tom Jones might sing, she’s a Laay-dee –except on those rare occasions when she’s not.

But yeah, what the hell was Podesta thinking?

podesta tweet


He was thinking that, armed with Deep State collaboration and a 2-to-1 money advantage, the down-side was de minimus. However history teaches us that the victor pens the sealed indictments. Phase two of the collusion narrative was hatched post-election as a double-down. Hey we’re this far. Might as well go for broke. This is when NSA Director Adm. Mike Roger’s heroic intervention might have saved both the day and the Republic.

That’s about where we are today.

Even if mass arrests and Truth & Reconciliation Commissions can be avoided, the PR unwind for the Democrats will be its own slo-mo Trail of Tears. For not only did the Clinton campaign, in league with the full force of the Obama Administration, try to subvert the Trump presidency with a laundered bit of Operation Research, it is they who are guilty of the self-same charges, but on a much larger scale (Podesta Group, Uranium One, etc.) This is known in hypocrisy circles as a cul-de-sac.

Still, there’s more than simply electoral overconfidence at play here. In their minds and egos, these people had already graduated beyond the parochial confines of national institutions such as the FBI and DOJ. I suggested months ago a Clinton Presidency would form an interregnum phase on the way to global government.

Viewed in this context the Democrats’ brazen disregard for our national institutions becomes more understandable: they weren’t planning on coming back through this one-horse town called America ever again. Our national elected offices were launch-pads only. The country was to become a financial canton in a BIS grid administered by vastly diminished national (but not nationalist) office-holders.

In the parlance of Sutherland, the FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA were tired old institutional shibboleths to be manipulated and endured for but a while longer. True emancipation was near at hand in the noble guise of…King George of Soros.

So, a facet of Trump’s re-nationalization effort will include the rehabilitation of various medieval offenses. For in their haste to consolidate a Global Panopticon, the Clinton gang got one election ahead of themselves, forgetting such anachronisms as treason, sedition and illegal border-crossing were still as written in the nation’s books as they are in its soul.

On Those Tired Old Shibboleths: God, Country & the Herd’s Delight